Hello Britain

Our plan, now that my first book is finished, will be to try and get out to meet more people. I have been so keen to do this since the Magician first mentioned it. I met some children and their parents in Wales last year and they were extremely friendly. In fact, it was one of the children that I met in Aberystwyth that gave me my name - Oscar. I love my new name. I look forward to meeting lots of people in England in 2013 so do please keep an eye out for me, especially if you live in Gloucestershire or Somerset as these will be the first places that we plan on visiting. However, the Magician and I are always looking for suggestions of where else we can visit to meet people that love wildlife. We look forward to meeting you soon!

The children care - so should you!

On a recent visit to talk to children about the badger cull in England, the children that Sam and I met could not believe that badgers, our largest native mammal would be shot in a free-running widespread cull this June.

View more pics of the children with Oscar and Sam here (available from mid March 2013), sorry for the delay.

Coming to a town near you

Oscar the BadgerAlthough the Magician knows Gloucester well because that is where he was born, we, are planning to visit towns and cities in other parts of England before June 2013. Why not write to me and tell me about your town. Are there woodlands nearby where you could go and watch badgers in the wild? Have you ever seen a badger? I would love to hear from you.

If you would like us to visit your town or a local school or social group to talk to you about badgers and wildlife in general then please message me on twitter: @OscarTheBadger and tell me when and where you would like us to visit. If you are really lucky then we may also bring along Owl if the weather is fine enough.